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25 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary Travel Guide

25 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary Travel Guide watch video online

Join as we travel to Budapest, Hungary on a quest to visit as many attractions and discover as many things to do in Budapest as we possibly can. Our Budapest travel guide offers visitors a glimpse at some of the top baths in the city along with fascinating things to do along the Danube river, architectural gems worth marveling over and museums to check out. We also hit up the local food scene slurping on Goulash and catapulting into legendary Budapest nightlife by visiting ruin bars. From the iconic Parliament Building to Castles to Baths weve got you covered in a destination where you get two cities for the price of one - Buda and Pest. Divided by the Danube (Duna) youll want to spend ample time on both sides and if youre like a lot of our friends youll never actually want to leave Budapest. Lets explore Budapest and find out what is so alluring about the capital of Hungary. 25 Things to do in Budapest City Tour | Hungary Travel Guide: Intro - 00:01 1) Budapest Castle Hill Funicular (Budavári Sikló) - 00:30 2) Buda Castle (Budavári Palota - Burgpalast - Budin Kalesi) - 01:02 3) Museums in Budapest (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest History Museum, the House of Houdini) - 01:17 4) Changing of the Guard in front of the Hungarian Presidential Palace - 01:28 5) Lunch at the Castle - 01:41 6) Labyrinth of Buda Castle (Labyrintus - Dracula PANOPTIKUM) - 03:37 7) Matthias Church (Mátyás-templom) - 04:58 8) Fisherman’s Bastion Terrace (Halászbástya) - 05:15 9) Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Széchenyi lánchíd) - 05:22 10) Danube River Cruise in Budapest - 05:27 11) Széchenyi thermal bath (Széchenyi Medicinal Bath - Széchenyi-gyógyfürdő) - 05:34 12) Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyad Vára) - 07:08 13) Heroes’ Square with the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars (Hősök tere) - 07:23 14) Nightlife in Budapest at a Ruin Bar - 07:53 15) New York Café in Budapest - 09:14 16) St. Stephens Basilica (Szent István-Bazilika) - 11:43 17) Hungarian Parliament Building (Országház) - 13:04 18) Shoes on the Danube - 13:19 19) Eating Goulash (gulyás) and Hungarian food in Budapest - 13:31 20) Street Art in Budapest - 15:20 21) Great Central Market or Great Market Hall in Budapest (Nagyvásárcsarnok) - 15:30 22) Gellért Baths (Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool - Gellért Fürdő) - 15:43 23) Gellért Hill Cave (Gellérthegyi-Barlang) - 16:24 24) Citadella (Citadel on top of Gellért Hill in Budapest, Hungary - 16:40 25) Day trip Szentendre riverside town in Pest county from Budapest - 17:00 *Transportation - bus, trolley-bus, tram, metro & train lines* - 17:16 Outro - 17:35 GEAR WE USE Olympus OM-D E-M5 II: Canon G7X: Olympus 14-150mm II Lens: Rode Video Mic GO: Joby Gorilla Pod: SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro: SOCIAL MEDIA & TRAVEL BLOGS AUDREY: blog: instagram: facebook: twitter: SAMUEL: blog: facebook: twitter: instagram: Our visit Budapest travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Goulash), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, churches and museums and Budapest by night. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you wont find in a typical Budapest tourism brochure, Budapest itinerary or Budapest, Hungary city tour. 25 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary travel guide video transcript: Today we’re taking you around a city we’ve been wanting to visit for a while: Budapest! With beautiful architecture and stunning vistas all around, it’s easy to see why it’s nicknamed the Pearl of the Danube, but Budapest is more than just than just good looks. This is a city with youthful vibes, vibrant street art, alternative nightlife, delicious food and so much more! In this travel guide we’re going to try and highlight just that along with the main attractions, so let’s dive right in, and let us show you a few things to do in Budapest on your next visit! And that’s a wrap in Budapest! We hope you enjoyed this video guide and that it gave you a few ideas of things to do around the city. If you have any other suggestions of things to do in Budapest feel free to share those in the comments below. This is part of our Travel in Hungary video series showcasing Hungarian food, Hungarian culture and Hungarian cuisine. Music in this video courtesy of DJ Quads:
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Nicat Aqamaliyev # 9 february 2018 in 04:03 0
SmithFamilyTravels # 9 february 2018 in 04:04 0
What a great video! We're planning a road trip to central Europe and Budapest wasn't on our radar but after watching your video we are seriously considering it. Thanks!
No Name # 9 february 2018 in 04:06 0
why is it always losers doing holiday reviews?
I P # 9 february 2018 in 04:10 0
Name of the town at 17:10
I P # 9 february 2018 in 04:10 0
What was the name of the small town with cream wall? Any1 please tell me the name
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So nice budhaprst places
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Looks like a amazing city!
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Im going to budapest in the summer :3
lou hori # 9 february 2018 in 04:26 0
Guys, the chicken
dish that you had with the dumplings were the famous chicken paprikas, and the the other dish at kek rozsa was not goulash it was goulash soup totally different from just goulash. Love you both!!
Angela Smucker # 9 february 2018 in 04:26 0
You're wearing a Cubs t-shirt? Go Cubs Go!
Mikaela Vanky # 9 february 2018 in 04:30 0
Great video! I'm going to budapest on monday and I can't wait! I have one question though, is it difficult to make yourself understood? I have alot of allergies making it really important at some points
Nextel1903 # 9 february 2018 in 04:35 0
How is Budapest in December?
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I loved Budapest but the food in the Hotel i was in was GARBAGE and the hotel was a 5☆ as well..
dan tonra # 9 february 2018 in 04:39 0
great video! could you please mention prices you paid for things etc in future videos.. like meals at certain places or how much a beer is at the baths. would be great information for people wanting to go to Budapest and curious about budgeting. :)
Pablo # 9 february 2018 in 04:41 0
We will go Budapest next July!! Thanks for your video!! So nice!