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Best Day In France | Provence Travel Diary

Best Day In France | Provence Travel Diary watch video online

Ingrid and I just chillen in FRANCE. Subscribe to my channel here ↠ Check out my second channel here ↠ Check out Ingrid ↠ I have merch! Check out my RAD tees! ↠ Other Places to Find Me ↠↠ Instagram • Twitter • Snapchat • carrierad Facebook • My Blog • Camera & equipment I use for my videos ↠↠ Camera • Lens • Lights • ALSO!! Traveling?? Use my Airbnb code for $40 credit ↠↠ My PO BOX ↠↠ Carrie Rad 4470 W SUNSET BLVD, #367 LOS ANGELES, CA 90027 Hi guys! Im Carrie Rad! Welcome to my channel. On my channel I talk about all things beauty, fashion, food, health, and more. I also sprinkle in a lot of sit down chatty videos where I talk about things like love, sex, feminism, and women empowerment. I create videos like: How to relax, Get Ready With Me, Try-On Clothing Haul, What I Eat in a Day, Vanity Tour, How to pack for New York, Makeup collection & Organization, & Boyfriend TAG! Hi loves. In this video I take you along on my journey through Provence, France. We take a little bike ride into a town called Bedoin. It was such a beautiful couple of days. I hope you enjoy this video. Let me know what you think in the comments! My Most Popular Videos ↠↠ How To Relax • Boyfriend Tag • My Night Routine • My Apartment Tour • Get Ready With Me | Weekday Morning Routine •
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Comments (19)
Carrie Rad # 8 february 2018 in 00:00 0
UGH! I noticed a few errors in this video after uploading and I'm being pretty hard on myself about it. Only because I spent so much time on this. Lessons were learned though. Hope you guys enjoy this, and I guess let me know if you can spot the errors lollll. Love you guys xx
Kevin Vella # 8 february 2018 in 00:08 0
Hi Carrie, just like to say your vid was so beautiful. My wife and I are planning a campervan trip that way this summer and don't have a clue where to start finding all those lovely places you visited. Pleeeeese would you reply with details of your route? to enable us to experience Provence as you two have. KV, Derbyshire England
syvkni # 8 february 2018 in 00:09 0
You two legit look like you could be sisters. Crazy
Tatjana Barat # 8 february 2018 in 00:09 0
What a beautiful and charming vlog :)
Alex Kinok # 8 february 2018 in 00:12 0
I also explored Provence. I have a travel video on my channel too :)
booktalk25 # 8 february 2018 in 00:14 0
What is the music you use in this video?
Kerrin Osborne # 8 february 2018 in 00:19 0
love love love
Crizelley # 8 february 2018 in 00:20 0
Carrie!!! Im a new subscriber and i am in love!! It is my dream to do this one day! Can you please write down what hotel and how you planned this amazing trip?!
Kirstine Gedde # 8 february 2018 in 00:21 0
Oh!! I have been to Gordes too! Such a beautiful little city:)
Muffy # 8 february 2018 in 00:24 0
Your french sounds very spanish to me. ;)
Elena Ireneo # 8 february 2018 in 00:26 0
I alway enjoy watching you and Ingrid together in a video. ..love from SG
tina posts stuff # 8 february 2018 in 00:31 0
"Bike riding is fun!" *bike decides to break*

Ugh, this is making me miss France tho!
gottfer # 8 february 2018 in 00:34 0
notre dame de sanankwé xD
good point for the effort
Sarah Frick # 8 february 2018 in 00:39 0
Love the vlog and music--you can tell a lot of love went into this! Putting the bike chain on gave me memories--I had an old red bike that would do that every trip. Suddenly kachink! and there would be no pressure to pedal against, such a weird feeling! Then I'd have to put it on and get all oily. But, (many years ago now,) my family surprised me with a new bike in my bedroom when I woke up on my birthday! No more chain falling off! ^_^
Mél Michelin # 8 february 2018 in 00:41 0
Requests table next to cats
haylstorm97 # 8 february 2018 in 00:44 0
Such a beautiful and cute video!! I love France and I miss it so much and this took me back! Much love ♥️
Linda Land # 8 february 2018 in 00:47 0
Hermosa Carie! This reminds me of your be brave video you did a while back. You've come a long way.
Melissa Parks # 8 february 2018 in 00:47 0
That would make an amazing story, helping a French street cat give birth.
vagabrothers # 8 february 2018 in 00:49 0
This was so well done!! Loved it!