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Clone Hero v.17 Release - I-Travel (Garrythemod)

Clone Hero v.17 Release - I-Travel (Garrythemod) watch video online

Game Downloads (Windows 32/64 and Linux): (MEGA) (GOOGLE DRIVE) Discord: Video backgrounds are here, as well as numerous bug fixes and some other requested features like setlists. Linux support for video files is pretty limited (only 3 formats, like WEBM), but Windows supports quite a bit more. Somehow forgot to make it more clear, but if you put a video into a song folder it must be named video. As always, thanks for all the support and stuff.
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Comments (19)
thinkrocks 12 # 4 december 2017 in 12:08 0
Srylain the 2nd could I run this on a raspberry pi?
Dj shady # 4 december 2017 in 12:11 0
Amazing work guys but the note offset dont work
Joujoubox # 4 december 2017 in 12:16 0
If you have problems like a video only working through the custom content folder and not song folders, make sure to enable song video in the settings, I had this exact issue and changing that option.
GeXExtremist # 4 december 2017 in 12:18 0
so this means i can watch midgest transexual porn while play ttfaf at 200% speed? AWESOME
Kyoshiro Tasya # 4 december 2017 in 12:21 0
Piano? Drums? Score? Still a long way to go but I like this progress.
Sapphire Bullet Bill # 4 december 2017 in 12:26 0
Do you think you can make a "Double-Note" Note Mod? As in the Double-Note item in Battle for example, but for the whole song.
Sol_Occidit # 4 december 2017 in 12:26 0
When I try to play a song that is a 6 fret chart it only give me the option for bass or no instrument and it is in the old 5 button layout. Anyone know a fix?
Luke Kovaleski # 4 december 2017 in 12:30 0
Do we have any idea if clone hero will every be available on mac? been dying to play ch cause im getting sick and tired of rock band lol
Kauê Avelino # 4 december 2017 in 12:35 0
I Want

• Multiplayer with GH WoR modes , + GH3 Battle and coop
• Color Change for notes
• RB Drum Support
• GH Drum Support
• Dynamic Hud , Note Streaks (with editable text file) , You Rock End...

Sorry my bad English I am Brazilian ... Thank You :)
Luigi 64 # 4 december 2017 in 12:40 0
What does song video mean? I saw it under background video
iRockstar0406 # 4 december 2017 in 12:41 0
Already have clone hero but how do I just update it because it says to use f12 but that just turns my brightness up.
Carlos Zárate # 4 december 2017 in 12:42 0
So now you can have different background images?
Matthew Pitts # 4 december 2017 in 12:44 0
im still waiting for Clone Hero Online
Kerry Kushetsky # 4 december 2017 in 12:48 0
Where do i download vidoes for the background?
Kxnoz # 4 december 2017 in 12:51 0
Yo, I need help Srylain. I have a png as my highway and I hit scan custom content or whatever it said, but it doesn't show anything when I click it. So I tried to just play a song and see if it would pop up, but it didn't. Please reply back srylain if you can help me.
TerraMurderBoss # 4 december 2017 in 12:52 0
Cool. If only we could change the note hitters and gem sprites.
So, for example, we can change the note sprite to like GH3 ones.
Goolosh # 4 december 2017 in 12:53 0
what video formats are supported?
GHmasterlord342 # 4 december 2017 in 12:57 0
Um bro dude I need help. Every time I press check for updated in CHLauncher alpha an error message appears. Anyone else having this problem? If so and you know how to fix it PLZ tell me.
Alexx Santos # 4 december 2017 in 13:00 0
Where is "pro face off" mode? Tbh, It's kinda boring when you play with a friend and can't see how the duel is going...