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May 31 TRON MainNet Expected To Cause (TRX) Moon Travel

May 31 TRON MainNet Expected To Cause (TRX) Moon Travel watch video online

My Twitter: @CryptoTuber ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to look into #TRON at the moment we are seeing #TRX performing ahead of schedule and we are witnessing the development of this technolgy in respect to the totality of the Cryptocurrency Space. $TRX is looking interesting in the light of the Main-Net Launch in this current paradigm. out of all the Cryptocurrencies Tron is interesting and this video is my opinion. Disclaimer this video is not financial advice this video is for educational entertainment purposes. I am not your dad. This video representes %100 opinion. All that being said in my opinion Tron could do good in respect to the new developments of the technogy. Remember to somment rate and share this video. Justin Ruggiero Tron (TRX) Announces 2018 Super Election, Jack Ma Grants Justin Sun Degree Will Tron TRX Moon On May 31st? Main net Big Ben Millionaire Trader
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Comments (17)
Meng Ieng # 13 april 2018 in 20:03 0
Trx didnt get a price pump during the surge, any ideas why? Anyway i have high hopes for the trx team and i hope they hit top 5 crytpos by the end of the year. 3Hp1z2cAyjqvnwmZoqxALsFRiEAd7ijahW
Matt Hughes # 13 april 2018 in 20:03 0
TRX to the moon; HODL for the long run. TRX & NCASH = game changers

Muhammad Aslam # 13 april 2018 in 20:06 0
I sell when tron 10$ reached ,................................
chandra sekhar # 13 april 2018 in 20:08 0
staying positive on TRON
Sam Stephenson # 13 april 2018 in 20:12 0
Can't wait for the prices to go back up now

didistonenike # 13 april 2018 in 20:16 0
this is a shout out from Norway.
Mariel Capistrano # 13 april 2018 in 20:18 0
Buy while the price is low then hold
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Jesse Sparks # 13 april 2018 in 20:20 0
Let's hope the main net is cooler than the test net launch.
Ken King # 13 april 2018 in 20:25 0
I'm hoping bitcoin will drop some more. I'll buy more if it does and invest further into tron. I'm holding with half and day trading with the other. It's been working for me.
אורן מעיין # 13 april 2018 in 20:25 0
!! Great video
Marty Mrozinski # 13 april 2018 in 20:26 0
Going to hold tron for a while
Ralph Raymond # 13 april 2018 in 20:26 0
I have a big bag of TRX but really hope J.Sun hires a good marketing team as currently he comes across as being the lead of a boy band. Spitting into tissues in live streams out of dinky hotel rooms is hardly what we expect from the head a top-notch company which has disruptive tech. He wasn't very respectful towards Vitalik either.
Niken Tanjungan # 13 april 2018 in 20:28 0
Yes, Tron is in progress with great Technology
jason loper # 13 april 2018 in 20:32 0
Trx has not done much in this current new up move but it does look like it is setting up for an uptrend. BTC:33XzfcQNP1nhs8i25W2Ggy6gLjfx3iP7CH
Марина Соколовская # 13 april 2018 in 20:36 0
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MK14mod 78 # 13 april 2018 in 20:38 0
Nice video bro
MK14mod 78 # 13 april 2018 in 20:41 0
and what the majority of Chinese people are interested in not so much what we are in as Americans. ..I'm holdn just got more