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Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour: London Highlights

Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour: London Highlights watch video online

Check out the highlights from the London stop on the Mayweather vs McGregor world tour.
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Comments (20)
themann # 11 august 2017 in 20:05 0
biased af
MindBat # 11 august 2017 in 20:09 0
You Heard It Here First : Stephen Espinoza will climb into the ring and smash Conor on the head with a chair. Then Dana will slide under the ropes and double leg kick Stephen.
Everyone from both teams and camps will enter the ring to smack each other around. The Battle Royal will ensue.

Oh wait... I just had a nightmare.
scott MacDonald # 11 august 2017 in 20:12 0
This fight ends on a DQ or Conner rolls his ankle and can't continue do to injury. There's bullshit with this fight, and something is just not right
Kevin Alba # 11 august 2017 in 20:14 0
Zefe Morales # 11 august 2017 in 20:15 0
Mayweather gets paid by the mile.
ROGANS HEROES # 11 august 2017 in 20:19 0
This may all be a bit of a three ring circus and maybe McGregor has no chance, I don't know, but there are no real losers in any of this. MMA/UFC etc. and international boxing get a shot in the arm from it, the promoters make a fortune, both athletes make fortunes and the public, hopefully gets a great fight that lasts. Win, win all round. More power to both McGregor and Mayweather.
kolain860 # 11 august 2017 in 20:24 0
два пиздабола нашли друг друга
Toby Hall # 11 august 2017 in 20:28 0
I think Mayweather just admitted to being Winston
Brian Lynch # 11 august 2017 in 20:32 0
Floyd in the octagon would be like all the 49 he beat on him at once against mcgregor!!!
San Anto 210 # 11 august 2017 in 20:36 0
yeah yeah 49-1 yeah yeah
Justin Bruen # 11 august 2017 in 20:37 0
If u live a risky life, that's when u bet on Floyd.
Ed Rhone # 11 august 2017 in 20:39 0
Dana white looks like Varys from game of thrones.
Yashabo Ishihara # 11 august 2017 in 20:43 0
lets see if mayweather is tough coz real fights is in the octagon. you can use every limb in boxing it is easy to guard coz of big gloves
Lennox Haynes # 11 august 2017 in 20:45 0
Who else went "uhhhhhhhhhhhh" when Connor said rematch in the Octagon?
WHITEANDPROUD # 11 august 2017 in 20:45 0
You should watch the entire conference, cuz these highlights are trash, they didnt show the best parts!
Bruce # 11 august 2017 in 20:49 0
This corny ass motherfucker lol you'd think after two decades he'd learn some trash talk so he can stop repeating himself over and over again
electrosec # 11 august 2017 in 20:50 0
lol ofcourse they are not going to show espinanzo being roasted
V Apocalypz # 11 august 2017 in 20:52 0
Lesnars music hits
V Apocalypz # 11 august 2017 in 20:54 0
Because of what connor said about wwe. I hope mayweather destroys him
Jamie Bowdidge # 11 august 2017 in 20:59 0
Conor the much better talker. Floyd the much better boxer. Conor the much better fighter. Floyd the much balder fighter.