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Thank you for your likes, shares, comments, and subscriptions! Thank you all so much for hanging in there. I really appreciate it. Personal readings and blog: THE OTHER SIDE Vimeo: Monthly and Weekly Extended Readings Twin-Soul Love Extended December Pisces Sagittarius Virgo Libra Taurus Cancer Donations (if you want to support the channel): House of Oshun Spiritual Home: Facebook Reviews: Instagram: @thehouseofoshun
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Comments (20)
Maria Genro # 13 january 2018 in 12:05 0
Thank you
brittany miller # 13 january 2018 in 12:06 0
Definitely feel my higher self coming out, letting go of the past. Enjoying the blessings. #saglife
terry lynn # 13 january 2018 in 12:08 0
Thanks house of Oshun. You touched me and what I'm waiting on plus looking forward to. Bless you and much peace and love.
Tracy Lydiatt # 13 january 2018 in 12:09 0
Thank you goddess - always love your readings and you put a smile on my face - so damn tuned in
Myra Gilcrest # 13 january 2018 in 12:10 0
Aquarius please. Thank you.
Tonnette Grayson # 13 january 2018 in 12:12 0
Excellent reading btw! I adore you! You covered my situation very well! I applied for a 6 figure salary job and I passed their requirements to move forward to the next phase for the position! I hope I get it! Also I would like a personal reading from you!
simone # 13 january 2018 in 12:13 0
Stacy Mosley # 13 january 2018 in 12:13 0
I'm Pisces sun, sag moon and Leo rising, I also read tarot what deck is that :) I LOVE them
allmyrelations # 13 january 2018 in 12:17 0
howcome there is no aquarius video?
IraIra # 13 january 2018 in 12:22 0
Thank you! You are delightful and hilarious! I loved this reading: Pandora's Box! Sending you love and light! Happy New Year!
mvcw89 # 13 january 2018 in 12:22 0
Great reading and You're too damn funny subscribed
Ennea Gram # 13 january 2018 in 12:27 0
Where is the Aquarius video
judith fletcher # 13 january 2018 in 12:29 0
You rock and thank you !
Wendy Ward # 13 january 2018 in 12:32 0
All I see is good shit
Kenneth Gonzalez # 13 january 2018 in 12:33 0
Wow loved this reading!! From your mouth to gods and the universes ears!! Blessings upon blessings!! Finally!!! 2017 really was one shitty ass year for me and this reading has made my day and night!! Love the realness with u and again, thanks for such amazing words and such a positive outlook for me!
Mike V # 13 january 2018 in 12:36 0
what you mean by download?
Coco G # 13 january 2018 in 12:36 0
First time watching and you are hilarious!
2014brannew # 13 january 2018 in 12:37 0
First, I wanna say thank you. This was my first time ever watching your channel, your art work was what caught my eye about the manifestation. I had a hard 2017 so for you to tell me that my mama/grandma is in the blessing is amazing(I miss her). I know this message is for me because in my job I do drop ships/ also in order for me to do my job I have to go up 27 stairs both ways. So I will take them slow and watch my feet. I'm super excited about everything that's about to come too me from the manifestations that, I've done in law of attraction in to meet my soul mate . As you say my coins are coming-traveling-in Heritance. 2018
Clint Walker # 13 january 2018 in 12:39 0
lou lou...........!
Kristiina Babtšenko # 13 january 2018 in 12:43 0
I completely fell in love with you! Subscribed. You are fantastic!!