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Trump relaunches bid for Muslim travel ban

Trump relaunches bid for Muslim travel ban watch video online

Trump relaunches bid for Muslim travel ban US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from six-majority Muslim nations is back in court. Federal judges temporarily blocked the ban after several states argued that it discriminated against Muslims. Trump says the ban is meant to keep violent individuals out of the United States. Al Jazeeras Rob Reynolds reports from the US city of Seattle. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:
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Comments (18)
booty boots # 19 may 2017 in 04:04 0
we have to ban trump
booty boots # 19 may 2017 in 04:07 0
trump needs to be banned no one else
elsa1942 # 19 may 2017 in 04:12 0
No! Can't you see how pained families were at being split up?!
Really Happenings # 19 may 2017 in 04:13 0
Keep them in the desert until they learn
Really Happenings # 19 may 2017 in 04:13 0
Build the wall
Crush them all
Deport every illegal
Bomb whoever needs bombing
Defend free speech from Islamists and all other fascists
Support European nationalism
Be on time
Be armed
Enjoy your life ☺
Adam Khalil # 19 may 2017 in 04:13 0
would like to see trump put a ban on Saudi Arabia and the UAE. then will see how he flyes in his jet with no oil
AugustanFinn # 19 may 2017 in 04:17 0
My President wants to protect us.
These judges are Bolsheviks nothing more. The travel ban will win in SCOTUS.
Carol Reid # 19 may 2017 in 04:17 0
This isn't about a ban of a religion, or it would include FAR more countries. The courts are looking at this politically, NOT rationally.
Dimitri Vincheov # 19 may 2017 in 04:17 0
just wish they would hurry up and approve the ban. get this chaos started
Gabe Chebotarev # 19 may 2017 in 04:20 0
The constitution protects Americans, not foreign invaders
DudeWatches # 19 may 2017 in 04:23 0
So who is Antifa? Trump supporters keep shouting into my face, and I don't know what it is. Is it some kind of new liberal group?
Camo Dog # 19 may 2017 in 04:23 0
People need to protest these judges at their door steps until they resign. They must go and the country needs to wake up to the fact that the judicial branch does not have total authority on these issues. This is national security and the Trump trumps them on this. But as long as they want to play this cat and mouse game then we might as well be back under Obama
qazwsxed # 19 may 2017 in 04:28 0
Trump is the best. Ban barbaric people. This is kinda obvious.
Kothar # 19 may 2017 in 04:32 0
America is a country in decline.
Cris Lerose # 19 may 2017 in 04:36 0
Trike Buyer # 19 may 2017 in 04:38 0
Funny by all the comments by people from other countries that hate USA, White USA Citizens, and President Trump why is anyone complaining that there is a ban to come to USA? Just dont come and dont think about USA Spend your time bashing Trump and USA Citizens towards working on making your own country great or go get a job.
mubariz salim # 19 may 2017 in 04:39 0
Ban on Human population!
SHANE # 19 may 2017 in 04:40 0
God bless president Trump