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Basically my parents last day in town. We were taught to love one another and definitely was hard to say bye to them. Thank you for watching up til here if you did thank you. It means a lot. SOCIAL MEDIAS: ►Snapchat: GenesiSantos ►Instagram: MUSIC BY: ►Emiljio A.C. Online Coaching & other inquiries: genesisantos@gmail.com Camera Equipment I use: ►Canon 70D & 7D w/Rode Mic --Lenses: Canon 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 & Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ►Canon Point & Shoot Powershot ELPH110HS I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -Philippians 4:13
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Genesis Santos # 19 may 2017 in 00:06 0
I've got one more vlog to release after this one, someone special is in the vlog and it was unexpected. This vlog is very personal to me considering that i'm close with my parents. Any disrespectful comments will be deleted and you will be blocked! Nursing vlogs next week!
Hell Heaven # 19 may 2017 in 00:09 0
NY seems fun i dindt experince it to fullest cause lats time i went i was 12 year old so i dont rember much
Lunnie Gan # 19 may 2017 in 00:12 0
NYC looks awesome, I'm actually going there in 2 weeks time and I love your video! I’m currently travelling a lot too, especially around the States, and had just put up my Chicago vlog!

If you subscribe I will definitely sub back! Reply to this comment so we know when you have! :D
ItsYeClash Yt # 19 may 2017 in 00:15 0
bro are u going to do A DIY video
Saul de Leon # 19 may 2017 in 00:20 0
are your parents nurses too Gen?
Nina Rose # 19 may 2017 in 00:21 0
Thank you for sharing this part of your life. I'm looking forward to your nursing videos. Xoxo Nurse Nina
Den Zaf # 19 may 2017 in 00:26 0
I remember when I asked you if your parents are Ilokano and sure indeed! Proud to be an ilokano too. Just wondering if you understand some of what they're saying? Or do you speak a little ilokano too? Hopefully not the bad one.. :)
ekz ekz # 19 may 2017 in 00:27 0
Shannon Poe # 19 may 2017 in 00:30 0
Don't worry Genesis. I'm the same with my parents. If they leave and I say goodbye to them. I'll cry to. We love our parents a lot because they'll love u no matter what❤️ anyways love u and can't wait to see your next vid❤️❤️