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HARD SUN Official Trailer (2018) Sci-Fi Apocalyptic Series HD

HARD SUN Official Trailer (2018) Sci-Fi Apocalyptic Series HD watch video online

Hard Sun - Official Trailer (2018) Sci-Fi Apocalyptic Series HD Subscribe HERE for NEW movie trailers ➤ Two detectives with opposing viewpoints are forced to work together in a pre-apocalyptic criminal world. Stars: Jim Sturgess, Agyness Deyn, Nikki Amuka-Bird Hard Sun official trailer courtesy of BBC FilmTrailerZone is the #1 destination for all movie fans to catch the latest movie trailers, clips, featurettes & much more of the latest promotional content from your most anticipated movies!
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doug aussie # 8 february 2018 in 04:00 0
Another excuse for the FEMINISM agenda. Strong woman character who has a short haircut, beats up man, man cries, bad emotionless woman in charge of secret police. I admit I sat through the whole first episode, I won't be sitting through another, the opening scene of her being attacked by her son had nothing to do with the story. who writes this junk.
jd12680 # 8 february 2018 in 04:00 0
The end of the age. It isn't a secret anymore. If everyone knew... Mass hysteria and the world would stop.
benelli vinci # 8 february 2018 in 04:04 0
ya fukushima jewish dumbfucks
panjali # 8 february 2018 in 04:06 0
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james williamson # 8 february 2018 in 04:09 0
What an absolutely ideal and intelligent comment from battletruck, I am glad i do not have his intelligence.
johny Horvath # 8 february 2018 in 04:13 0
Just watched the first season last night, and its really good there is some loop hope but, i think good too see it
Valentin Balkanski # 8 february 2018 in 04:17 0
james williamson # 8 february 2018 in 04:19 0
More absolute cheap crap. This could have been a good watch but they buggered it up right from the start. Just as an example, i have taken a hiding now and then and i have been sporting bruises and blood for weeks. That and a lot of other stupid mistakes. I seriously could have done a lot better. Pay me a lot less and get a better job.....Disappointed and turned it off.
papa gank # 8 february 2018 in 04:22 0
Play Now: Hard Sun Season 1 Episode 1 Online
Woody Hutton # 8 february 2018 in 04:27 0
DCI Rule Breaker and DI Troubled Past. Heh heh.
PeterC # 8 february 2018 in 04:30 0
Could not wait so watch the first series on i Player, well worth the time investment very tense and watchable, can't wait till series two now....well done BBC...
flbyrne39 # 8 february 2018 in 04:33 0
Watched the first episode. Mind numbingly over acted and with amateurish fight scenes, outdated car chases and questionable continuity. Storyline would not compete even with 1950’s sci fi ‘B’ movie. Not sure how many more episodes are in the pipeline, but for anyone with half a brain one episode may represent a serious overdose.
Suzita # 8 february 2018 in 04:33 0
My Father not Zoe. And my Dad is a Gentleman. He was a Sargent Major. Very Respected My Dad. Kind caring.
Zarathrustrasite # 8 february 2018 in 04:35 0
plot summary; the sun will change & kill all surface life;the elites plan to hide underground/on a space ark, the central characters discover the cover up & are hunted down etc etc  everyone dies apart from a small group of ethnically/sexually diverse millennial sjw fucktards  there;i,ve saved you the bother of watching this shite
J.R. Sic # 8 february 2018 in 04:37 0
looks dumb as hell
Jo Jo # 8 february 2018 in 04:38 0
Verry hansome actor!
Goldfinga Sliverfinga # 8 february 2018 in 04:41 0
Brain washing programmes for lambs
Charity Rich # 8 february 2018 in 04:43 0
Shit look dope tho
M /B # 8 february 2018 in 04:43 0
Super one
Dex Production # 8 february 2018 in 04:48 0
She is cool thanks for promo my pro