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NOVITIATE Official Trailer (2017) Dianna Agron, Teen Drama Movie HD

NOVITIATE Official Trailer (2017) Dianna Agron, Teen Drama Movie HD watch video online

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Comments (20)
Blogaman Endomo # 12 august 2017 in 20:05 0
they need a dick
TheLizpin # 12 august 2017 in 20:07 0
diemsum84 # 12 august 2017 in 20:09 0
That piano piece sounds like it came from Tokio Myers. Anyone??
Ben Whitworth # 12 august 2017 in 20:12 0
Something tells me this is not going to be as entertaining as The Sound of Music.
Mark Thornton # 12 august 2017 in 20:16 0
Its a movie don't get to deep in any meanings, it's a movie!!
jxngxel # 12 august 2017 in 20:17 0
Quinn is bEiNg a NuN Now
jxngxel # 12 august 2017 in 20:21 0
Excited for Diana :)
Yadev K # 12 august 2017 in 20:23 0
.... looks like a cult to me.
moonbeeps # 12 august 2017 in 20:25 0
When I look at her I can only think of kenzo perfume spot
Rivers Bliss # 12 august 2017 in 20:27 0
Dianna Agron?
Rivers Bliss # 12 august 2017 in 20:27 0
Great, another blasphemous movie from liberal Hollywood, more Nazi movies down our throats of how the Jews suffered and German is still paying Israel for it. What's next gender liquid movies in 2018 or how pedophilia, bestiality or any of the 12 perversions are a norm?
reymart christian Cruz # 12 august 2017 in 20:31 0
Oh boy.
Naung Thaw # 12 august 2017 in 20:33 0
Here is the thing, people in the west don't respect religious and yes, they are not wrong for making a movie like this cause its freedom of choice.

But have we seen A Muslim does that? -NO!
Even if they know it doesnt right, they would rather choose to protect it than admitting its wrong.

And people watch this kind of movie and they starting to conclude that "Well, Christians are bad!" meanwhile we all know that conflict exists in every religions.

this is sad. I dont know what to say.
Vanessa bb # 12 august 2017 in 20:35 0
a fucking cult.
danielle burton # 12 august 2017 in 20:38 0
Hope Dianna has a juicy part, God knows she deserves it. Great acting talent
Calvin George # 12 august 2017 in 20:43 0
The saddest tale their ever was ......
Georgiana Cochov # 12 august 2017 in 20:43 0
this is too much...i mean common, talking about the reality today, what really matters is to become a woman like Sarah was, the bible tell us ´´you will be daughter of Sarah when ? ...find it yourself 1 peter 3:6.. !!!!!
Shay Lewis # 12 august 2017 in 20:44 0
this looks good ! ! !
WhyAlwaysMe # 12 august 2017 in 20:49 0
power corrupts people.
brandon caruso # 12 august 2017 in 20:49 0
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