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THE HATRED Official Trailer (2017) Horror Movie HD

THE HATRED Official Trailer (2017) Horror Movie HD watch video online

THE HATRED Official Trailer (2017) Horror Movie HD SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Trailers HERE: PLOT: Four young women travel to their college professors new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house has a malevolent past. CAST: Sarah Davenport, Andrew Divoff, Darby Walker Check out our specific genre movie trailers PLAYLISTS: SUPERHERO/COMIC BOOK TRAILERS: ANIMATED TRAILERS: SEXY TRAILERS: HORROR TRAILERS: CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS: JoBlo Movie Trailers covers all the latest movie trailers, TV spots, featurettes as well as exclusive celebrity interviews. Check out our other channels: TV TRAILERS: MOVIE HOTTIES: VIDEOGAME TRAILERS: MOVIE CLIPS: JOBLO VIDEOS:
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Comments (20)
Levar Mitchell # 18 july 2017 in 08:06 0
Ok I'll give it to them. They got me with the "it's under the bed" cliche. Well done. Let's just hope the whole movie is that good.
Justin # 18 july 2017 in 08:06 0
Is this a compilation of creepypasta? I hope they'll put some good story behind these shrorts.
theheroftime95 # 18 july 2017 in 08:10 0
Blood on the wall read: "No one leaves this house alive."
MyBigAss 69 # 18 july 2017 in 08:15 0
just because you didn't put jumpscares in the closet and under the bed I'm watching it
Randolph Carter # 18 july 2017 in 08:19 0
isnt the monster blowning its cover by making her look under the bead;Why bother to discuise as the litle girl;
FindYourWay Chucky # 18 july 2017 in 08:24 0
is that Lily Collins?
MagicianFlip69 # 18 july 2017 in 08:29 0
so when the girl under the bed was revealed. I was like. "see just her other sister playing a prank." and then she says "shhh...that's not me".... fuck
Blue Treble # 18 july 2017 in 08:33 0
as soon as she said shh that's not me I was like ohhhhh @$$@$@##*! that is the scariest twist
NocturnalGurl # 18 july 2017 in 08:34 0
I remember reading a story like this in 9gag ! but seems an interesting movies
Lu silva # 18 july 2017 in 08:39 0
algum brasileiro aqui?
MrVR The Evil Boy # 18 july 2017 in 08:41 0
Wow So Scary
Cat Peach # 18 july 2017 in 08:42 0
Wow this actually looks good.
Ujjawal Tayal # 18 july 2017 in 08:44 0
please make a horrible bus travelling video please please please
al-Moroccan Gutierrez # 18 july 2017 in 08:49 0
damn thumb nail looks cheesy
heather h # 18 july 2017 in 08:51 0
So many of these upcoming horror movies look horrible. Who are they even for? It's either horror for the faint hearted or torture porn. :/
z0mbiekitty9 salazar # 18 july 2017 in 08:52 0
OK... I'm gonna go back to the movie lights out which was not a trailer but a small horror clip that was made years ago before even becoming a movie. this trailer looks like another horror clip that I have seen. however I did forget the name of it but the "daughter" asks the mom before tucking her in if she could check under the bed. mom tells her there's nothing to be afraid of and a small red ball rolls to her knees from under the bed, mom looks under and sees that her daughter is underneath the bed hiding with a whole bunch of stuff animals. the daughter then says "mommy, there's someone in my bed." but idk if this is related to that however this does look pretty good.
ANNIE Khan # 18 july 2017 in 08:53 0
top 3 models wow
Shankmeyster # 18 july 2017 in 08:55 0
Looks so bad.
Sadiqur Rahman # 18 july 2017 in 09:00 0
I adjusted my headphone's volume when she opened the closet! :P
yanuar aidi # 18 july 2017 in 09:01 0
it's "scary", i mean it